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Network Design

Network designing, building and integrating associated infrastructure sits at the very heart of our business. Our Solutions Architects are tuned into your business and make it their priority to not only understand the challenges you face, but also find solutions to meet them.

Our network engineering experience tells us that the best solutions are rarely off the shelf or out of the box. Rather, they are a highly integrated set of components and technologies meticulously matched to your business and can consist of virtualisation techniques, storage ideas, cloud applications, unified communication mediums, systematic upgrades, mobility increases, disaster recovery models and more.

“Our goal is always to provide a network design solution that matches your current needs and that takes into account what’s around the corner.”

We also excel at providing valuable guidance when it comes to the standardization of I.T. infrastructure and Deployment, we can assist with the procurement of:
• Servers
• Storage
• Desktops, Notebooks or Thin clients
• Unified communications
• Licensing
• Networking equipment
• Printers and consumables

Network Implementation and Management

While there is a commonality with all networks, each network is different – and that’s because every business works differently. To cater to this difference, we take a great deal of time and care when we implement our network management services. These services also aim to improve your network’s productivity, efficiency and competency.

Our network management services include adding or upgrading your security measures, enhancing your network’s performance and increasing your network’s reliability. We can manage your operating system, maintain its firewalls, and administrate software that will advance your company’s network status. We will look after the entire network, its tools, servers and shared network resources, and will ensure that your system is performing at its peak all the time.

We ensure that the disruption to your business operation and the impact to your staff are kept to a minimum. Managing change can be a difficult enough task to manage with stake holders and so we go out of our way to assist through careful planning and effective communication.

Your satisfaction is our measure of our success. If you and your staff are happy and your transition is smooth, then we’ve done our job well.

Our Technical Services Team has a number of success stories that we are happy to share with you on request. Don’t just take our word for it. Talk to our clients and gauge for yourself.


Virtualization refers to combining your hardware and software resources into a single virtual network that can be easily accessed anywhere and at any time. It is also an effective way to leverage your hardware and allow it to perform at optimal levels.

Our Technical Services Team is conversant with all network virtualization technologies and server virtualization software. They are highly skilled in the design, implementation and management of virtual environments because they have been deploying successful virtualization strategies for clients for a number of years now. Improving their efficiency and reducing their IT costs not only on hardware and software, but also in a number of other areas such as power usage, staffing and maintenance.

Recommending only trusted technologies, we deliver industry standard solutions that have proven themselves over time. That’s why our virtualization solutions just work.

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