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Are you looking to use one of the best free tools in the market to reach out to your local customers, by making it easy for them to find you?

Google is used by millions across with world and is a great way to reach out to the right audience. The Google Places tool is one of the best tools in the market to market your business locally. More than 97% of locals search for local business online. This is an organic listing method used to reach out to customers. This tool (Google Places page) enables the business owners to update and display their physical address, contact details, working hours and website. Google provides searches with the right business listing locally combined with the organic listings of Google Maps. There are options to add pictures, video, special promotions, live updates, review system, and a whole array of information for the users.

By using this effectively your business can capitalize on the ever growing smart phone market as many customers use the Google Places app which performs the same function. A top rank in Google places can guarantee good traffic to your online and offline business venues and translate to sales. A lower or no rank means your business is losing to the one next door who might be having an inferior product but has done his/her homework with Google places.

Google Places marketing sections by CODEDB:

A Google places page is treated by Google (their search engine spiders) just as a normal website would be. This makes it highly imperative for your listing to be optimized and SEO friendly, esp if your business is targeting a top place in the local business ranking under the Google Places. CODEDB can implement effective SEO strategies, using keyword and other related techniques, to rank your business in these top rankings.


We have vast experience in assisting local businesses with optimizing their Google Places listings. Google places optimization with CODEDB is a great way to ensure that each penny, of your marketing dollar, is counted to get sales. Get in touch with our experienced team today to get a quote and assist you in growing your business.

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