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We specialize in Website Design, Website Development, SEO, Networking and Support Services, Data Management, App Development.

We provide the following development services:

Website Design

Website design is the process of creating the presentation aspect of a website. It includes the process of creating template for the website, designing logo, working on images, their presentation, colour scheme for the whole website, fonts and basically designing the whole layout of the website.

Our web designing process is very friendly and begins with getting some information from the client. This includes any websites which they liked, whether they have a choice of colour theme in mind, any layout they would prefer and whether they have any specific design in mind that they would want us to use.

Once we get this information, our team gets working and we provide you a sample template for a feedback. We work on this feedback and try to work out the most appropriate look for your website considering your requirements.

We also do logo designing and have a team of expert graphics artists available to come up with the best logo for your website or design beautiful images for you as well. All our designs are mobile friendly. We have affordable website designing packages in Sydney.

Website Development

The whole process of designing, development and testing of a website comes under web development. Typically, in the tech world, website development is considered the coding part of the whole process. It involves working on the frontend interface, backend and connecting those to the database.


CODEDB website development process involves getting a clear idea of your requirements and the functionalities your website would involve. Once we have got those, we setup a face to face meeting to discuss your requirements in detail.

Based on those, we estimate a budget and time frame for project completion. Upon mutually agreeing, we sign a contract and start your project. We make sure that we stick to deadlines and would update you from time to time on the progress of your project.

Once we have completed the website, we set up demo for you and make sure to implement your feedbacks before we release the final website to you. We use Content Management System(CMS) for all of our websites, which are easy to manage and require no coding knowledge as such.

Contact us for any kind of web development as we are a professional website development company in Sydney.

Application Development

Application development or software development is the name given to the procedure by which developers build and deploy software applications. It could be an Iphone, Android or Windows based application. We can design all types of applications be it a simple utility or a complex web based application.

We use Agile model in application development process. We begin by planning and identifying your requirements and features. Then we analyse the whole project and look for potential problems and issues.

Next we start working on the design aspect of the project and define the major components. After that we start working on the development phase which involves working on the programming part of the process.

Once we are done with the development, we enter the testing phase and look for any errors or functionality flaws that the application might have and fix them. Upon fixing the errors, we release that in to the market. All the phases do involve a lot of client interaction and you can rest assured that you will be most satisfied at the end.

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