Privacy Policy

Collecting Personal Information on our Website

Usage of Applications from this site will solicit collection of personal information on various levels comprising multiple parameters. We collect personal information in these two stages.

1. Registration process

2. Opting to utilize our applications as a user. Information solicited covers a brand range of     variables such as name, Phone number ,email and other variable information depending on the product.

Additonally , In accordance with the universal web protocol, there are few web related information that are bound to be extracted by your web browser. For an illustration purpose, let’s say that you are visiting our web site. Now the web browser through which you are accessing our website will extract few inputs like computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, access time, browser type and language, and referring Web site addresses. These inputs will be extracted from your computer and then passed on to the visitor website i.e. the website you are currently viewing. We do capture some information about our computer operating system, your usage and activity on our site too.


Control of Personal Information

You are at the liberty to modify or update the personal information, which you have shared with us by sending us an email request. If you don’t wish to receive our promotional emails or any other general communiqué, you can do so by emailing an opt-out request. However, you will continue to receive service messages (order placement confirmation), legally mandated notices and other highly confidential messages that relate to products/items you have purchased from us. At later point of time, if there is any change of decision, we would be glad to entertain your request.


Will the information collected be safe?

Yes of course, we are strongly committed in protecting the information that you have shared with us.  We have modern technological practices in ensuring it. All the requisite information we gather are through Secure Socket Layer certificates (SSL) that will prohibit intruders to read the transmitted data. It encrypts the data transmission through secure socket layer, thus forbidding data theft.


Usage of Cookies

We use cookies to personalize your web experience with us. Cookies are small data files stored in your hard drive by a website. Through cookies, we will identify the areas and features you like the most in our website. This will help us to personalize your experience and remember your preferences the next time you visit your site. However, if your browser is tuned towards not to accept or to reject cookies, you won’t be in a position to access certain features/services of our website.


Changes to Our Privacy Policy

When there are new changes done to our website and when we do come up with new plans,systems,servers and our procedures to providing support to our customers, we may also change or update our privacy statement during those times, in case of which we will keep you informed through emails and through notifications in website, provided the changes implemented has an effect on the use of personal information.



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