Unlocking Potential of Long Tail Keywords for SEO SUCCESS

//Unlocking Potential of Long Tail Keywords for SEO SUCCESS

Unlocking Potential of Long Tail Keywords for SEO SUCCESS

The Value Of Long Tail Keywords For Search Engine Optimization

Whenever you first construct an AdWords marketing campaign, you have no solid proof that your expensive key phrases are going to generate a return. In all the industries be it insurance, finance, telecom etc, your Keyword would be very pricey. So it’s a good idea to focus on long tail keywords and save a bit of your marketing budget for other activities. In any case, a short tail keyword costs more than a long tail one and it is a good decision to try long tail keywords as part of your marketing strategy.

Focusing on long tail keywords, such a strategy in your organic search advertising and marketing will be really worthwhile. However it’s a longer-time period strategy. When you rely too heavily on long tail keywords in your Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising, it’ll take a very long time to generate any marked results and you could end up targeting the wrong audience. Short tail keywords give quick and more accurate results and hence are preferred. It is vital to give importance to short tail terms, especially if they are extremely relevant to your company e.g. if you’re a real estate firm, it will be a bad tactic to ignore those looking for ‘accomodation’ in favour of these looking for ‘help me get a cheap accomodation’. But it’s not all doom and gloom and there is no reason why you should ignore long tail keywords for your PPC campaign.

It is now easier to write campaigns which focus only on long tail keywords due to recent changes on major search engines facilitating extended keywords based ads. PPC professionals could disagree, but it is a fact that long tail keywords are given too much importance in getting traffic to your website at a lower cost. There is a widespread notion that long tail keywords alone can generate results. But you can’t count on long tail terms alone for your campaign.It is a good strategy to bring in your target traffic using a mix of short tail and long tail keywords. For a company on a low budget, it could be quite disheartening when a campaign focused on long tail keywords is not able to bring in the required traffic.

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All of this could be a cause of concern for companies operating in competitive markets which are very focused on the Cost Per Click(CPC) rate. Another misconception regarding the long tail keywords is that there is no set definition of what makes a long tail keyword. As per SEO principles, if a long tail keyword is being used to generate business, it will take a long time to generate any marked difference in the number of quality customers. Also, you won’t be able to gather sufficient information to get a feel of the market and modify your campaign, in case you target only long tail keywords with less search quantity. But in case you are able to gather sufficient information, you can change the long tail phrase to better target your audience.

There are many ways to find out related keywords with the corresponding search volume. If your marketing campaign is showing good results for some long tail keywords, you could target other related keywords and plan on tailored advertisements centered around those keywords. However, it is better to avoid reusing keywords or any keyword duplication and instead focus on designing unique campaigns for your business. You’ll then see what customers have truly searched for and then you can generate unique campaign for that keyword. Make sure that you add the conversions and conversion rate column to accurately judge which long tail keyword is best for your campaign.

At last, it is worth pointing out again that solely relying on these strategies is a mistake for your PPC campaign and short tail keywords should be the primary target. Only a campaign targeting a mix of short tail and long tail keywords is going to give you a good result and that should be the aim of all SEO campaigns.

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