ARE YOU using the Right Domain Name for your website?

//ARE YOU using the Right Domain Name for your website?

ARE YOU using the Right Domain Name for your website?

Benefits of Domain Name for SEO and SMM

A domain name is very important in the scheme of things as far as SEO and Brand Building are considered. Businesses going for the long run should try to go for a name that will develop together along with their firm. Google’s keyword tool should be used to identify the traffic for a selected key phrase and can be helpful in finding the right domain name for your business. Memorability and ease of use are the other important things to consider while choosing a domain name. So you can use existing words, mash up existing words or even create your own unique and distinctive domain name. It has been a trend with marketers to choose a domain name with focused keywords. But this concept has become quite old and it is quite possible that the domain name you might be considering has already been taken. There is a flip side to choosing a domain name with excessive keyword usage, that it creates a negative impression on users, who may identify it with a spam website.

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We need to understand that the focus while choosing a domain name shouldn’t be too much on the keyword. It is immensely important to understand the business and choose a domain name which reflects the business aims and objectives. The brand building capacity of the domain name is very important as it is the base on which the online presence of a business is built. At the same time the domain name should be short and catchy. A domain is in trend in Australia and should be given preference over other domain name extensions like .com, .net or .org. It is possible to gain some benefits from buying an expired or premium domain name from authority websites like Sedo or Snapnames. But these could cost you a fortune depending on how good they rank in terms of Pagerank, age of the domain, traffic and number of backlinks. Apart from having a ready made history, these domain names can present great opportunity to promote your business, in case you are operating in the same niche as the previous owner.

A domain name is how users find, remember and share your website with others. It is when the domain name continuously appears on social media platforms and other online resources that the brand can develop its presence. So it is very important to share your website links across multiple platforms for high visibility. A good domain name also has the potential to become popular quickly. Google also has a liking for brand domain names which can transcend the barrier of hyperlinks and keywords. The domain name by itself should be unique and sufficient to face competition. A domain name’s brand-ability is as much important as having keywords in it.

Selecting a domain name for your business should be given as much importance as the business itself. A good domain name can go a long way in ensuring the success of your business including in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. It acts as a synergy between social networks, your website and the internet as a whole, making the most of the digital and social media advertising and thus rising above the competition.

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