9 ULTIMATE Design Tips for a beautiful website

//9 ULTIMATE Design Tips for a beautiful website

9 ULTIMATE Design Tips for a beautiful website

Best UI/UX design strategies in 2017

As we come to the end of this year, we would like to discuss top aspects in Web Design that have been highly important to create a wonderful UI/UX for a website- color, tone and composition. Let’s discuss them further.

Choose Colors that Underscore the Theme

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People may get biased to one color or reject another totally based on their personal preferences. A website must be able to create right emotions with right and balanced use of colors. Blend of color must not be plain boring or flashy and sporadic colors to take away focus from main content. Color must go along with a website’s theme.

Use Color Combination to Highlight

Every color must be used with a reason. The secret of a successful and vibrant website is in using colors to highlight elements to create an environment essential for the narration of the website. The colors must be used as spotlight to attract visitors towards important aspects of the website.

Work with 3-5 colors for Impressive Web Design

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3-5 colors are good enough for a website to create the right mood. Select two shades of same color to blend together for the header images, button backgrounds, graphics, menu backgrounds, and popups. You can use two or three contrasting colors for text to create an impressive text hierarchy with headers, paragraphs and menus.

Keep the gender and age of visitors in focus while choosing colors

What looks great to men can go totally wrong with women. Gender and age is an important criterion to select the right colors.

Tone is Aura of a website- Keep it Positive

A website must look and feel pleasing. The visitors should be able to connect with the website through the right colors and appropriate content in Web Design. A pleasant and welcoming tone in content presented will leave the visitor with a blissful feeling. Once this feeling touches the visitor he/she is sure to revisit the specific website.

Be Creative and Different

Web Design is a profession that allows the designer to exhibit her creative best to the world. Don’t go after what other website designers are doing. Define your own style and demonstrate your best talents to outlive others. Creativity, an element of surprise and uniqueness of elements must make an everlasting impression on visitors.

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Right Placement of Elements

Text, images, menus and UI controls define the functionality of a website. Their placement must bring forth the essence of the website. Composition of the website should reflect the synchronization of different elements. It will make the users connect right on their first visit.

Use Only Essential Elements

The elements should be selected out of necessity with a view on the overall look and feel of the website. Website must be a piece of art wherein the designer must organize elements of his masterpiece. Browser window is a canvas for a web designer to create work of art from the available content elements.

Visually impressive and functionally complete

USP of a website is its overall visual impact and the intuitive functionality. The conclusive principle of Web Design is to choose whatever creates a soothing effect on a visitor. There must be no tradeoff between appeal and functionality. They are complement to each other.

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