8 Innovative Web Development Techniques for 2018

//8 Innovative Web Development Techniques for 2018

8 Innovative Web Development Techniques for 2018

As 2017 is about to end we have watched over some wonderful and impressive trends in web development. Right from AI to IoT, newer technologies have greatly steered the web development trends in year 2017. We have observed rise of minimalist design and newer tools of development. After a keen look on the 2017 trends here is our take on the trends that will rule the web development world in 2018 as well.

Tools and Platforms for Web Development

YouTube went ahead with HTML5 in place of Flash. This is a remarkable indication towards the fact that the future belongs to HTML5 and its forthcoming versions. JavaScript is back with a bang and we too are sure about the rise of JS based frameworks like Angular 2. It offers many out of the box solutions that will definitely make web developers happy with a faster process for creating web apps and sites that are responsive on any kind of gadget. Mobiles and tabs are the most common devices among the newest genre of devices. PHP with its latest framework Laravel 5.x will become the most widely used web development solution in 2018. Many web developers are ardent followers of Ruby on Rails which is no doubt a versatile and impressive framework for web applications. A lethal combination of Materialized CSS framework, CSS SasS and JavaScript is making an impressive presence in web development scenario. The year 2018 belongs to all these.

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Chat Bot Enabled Websites

Visitors appreciate a website that offers any kind of support to move around or provides answers to their queries. The latest trend in this area is creation of chatbots that are available round the clock in a website. It assists the visitors by prompting them to interact and ask questions. This is an interesting aspect of web development which will attract more emphasis in next year. It will be an interesting thing to watch the web developers exploring newer ways to include intelligent chatbots that may need help of AI.


AI and VR for Website Development

AI and VR are the technologies that touched and affected every possible avenue of human life. Web development is now being revamped with these two phenomenal innovations. We have seen Google and Wikipedia implementing AI and VR in content presentation and search algorithms. Two giants in IT endorsing AI and VR is a sufficient reason to make web developers explore the avenues in web development. The coming years are going to prove the worth of these two revolutionary technologies.

Minimalist Design

We have already discussed this trend in another article. It is an emerging trend that will be intently watched in the coming year. The basic idea is “less is more”.  A website designed as minimalist is stripped down to a basic design level where removing any element will simply break the whole design. That means a minimally designed website contains only those elements which are utterly important and are kept back out of dire necessity.

Such web designs demonstrate lesser colors, more white spaces, bigger and readable typography, impressive and vivid “tell-all” images and minimal content. Still a minimal website is complete in every sense. Watch out for this trend.

The rise and Dominance of One-page Websites

A one-page website is a single web page implementing Infinite scrolling or Parallex scrolling. It is an amazing technique of website design that offers a single page to a visitor by presenting an engaging content using animation coupled with scrolling. One page websites has been there from last few years and are gaining popularity due to the simple design, easy navigation and limited content. In spite of the minimum information, the one page websites are huge success since they convey what they want to say in least. The web development focuses on the task to accomplish and the visitors find the information within a few scrolls. The whole story is weaved nicely into images and animations closely blended with users’ scrolling action. This trend is here to stay and will reach higher scale of acceptance in web development projects.


Website Gamification- for Visitor Engagement

This is again a wonderful technique to enhance customer engagement. Website gamification  is a latest trend of implementing engaging navigation and using a website to say something solemn in a fun way. No, it’s not for kids! It is meant for audience of any age group, gender or nationality. Adding fun elements with enticing winning points or rewards makes the visitors grow a liking for a website. It encourages and rewards user interaction subtly to attain the business targets

The idea is to make a game and let the visitors play to give refreshing and wonderful user experience. This trend will be watched in 2018 web development by counting on the customers, who fervently put their energies to win business oriented “games”. If you are planning to refurbish your website in 2018 get a gamified website. It can be the best idea for growth of your business.

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Static Site Generators

This year has seen comeback of static websites which are least in interactivity. These are the simplest way to present content to the target viewers. The static websites are lightweight in resources, easy to create and manage. They requires far less efforts than an interactivity rich website. Years of innovation in web development and designing has resulted in many impressive platforms and tools that make the task of creating static websites very easy. Static websites don’t need any database so the programming efforts are almost nil. They take least time to load, hardly pose any issues of security and hugely easy to deploy. This is the trending web development technique. 2018 is sure to bring an escalation in development of more static web site generators.

Eye Tracking for Perfect Position of Website Elements

Website visitors despise a bad online experience and web developers dread this situation. Web developers try various tools to create best UI for outstanding UX. But Websites must be checked for ease of navigation, interactivity and user friendliness. After experiencing an unsavory UX, visitors may shy away from unreceptive websites. In the field of web development the coming years are testing times to exploit the benefits of eye tracking feedback. If done with right tools and techniques web developers can create friendly, organized, feature and content rich, clean and harmonious websites. In 2018 it can be a wonderful technique to redefine website usability that needs support from sensor technology.

We forecast these 8 trends that will rule the web development industry in 2018. Do give your views in the comments box below. Your views are valuable to us.

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