5 Proven New Best Practices for SEO in 2017 with AMAZING Results!

//5 Proven New Best Practices for SEO in 2017 with AMAZING Results!

5 Proven New Best Practices for SEO in 2017 with AMAZING Results!

2017 has entered its last quarter. And while we prepare to say goodbye to another good year, we thought we should share with our readers all the Top SEO trends that left a mark on content optimization. While we know that SEO is all about staying one step ahead of others, understanding the current techniques can help in having a greater grasp of the future. In the SEO world, having an awareness of ongoing trends is vital for having a competitive advantage over others and keeping that in mind, below are some of the Top SEO trends of 2017.

Year 2017

The Advent of Accelerated Mobile Pages

An initiative by Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages Project or AMP is one of the latest and ongoing SEO trends and standard which stands for creating user-friendly web pages for cellular devices. AMP defines the rules for a simpler, faster, and lighter browsing service using HTML. Pages build using AMP standards load quickly on mobile phones. The reason behind the fast loading of web pages is a couple of structural changes in the design of the website which makes it more compliant for cellular devices. After the implementation of these standards, the website loads almost four-time faster and uses almost eight times less cellular data.

The Use of Dense Content

Content that is 80% fluff has become a thing of the past. During earlier days, lengthy content was in demand but recently the trend has changed and people prefer smart content that sharply focuses on the topic and delivers information. Where the old content style hasn’t exactly left the market, dense content that delivers quality over quantity has become one of the latest SEO trends.

Quality Content

No matter what SEO technique you might come across, nothing can take over the value of good content. The best thing that you can do to boost your website’s traffic is by pushing fresh and quality content on a regular basis. It is also advisable to use a good plagiarism checker to make sure the content you post on your website is not copied from somewhere else. Like all the previous years, content creation has still been one of the top SEO trends this year.

Optimized Pictures and Images

Blurred and pixelated images are now a thing of the past. High quality, high resolution, and sharp images are more attention grabbing and attract more traffic. Editing of high resolution images is also important as the greater file size of a raw images increases the loading time of a webpage and according to a research, 40% of the users leave the web page if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds.

Social Media Platforms

There are more than 2.5 billion social media users around the world. From an SEO view point, having a healthy social media presence is like owning a gold mine. If nothing works, the best way to get traffic on your website is by purchasing an advertisement on social media platforms. And this is the reason why social media marketing has been among the main tools for SEO this year.

Above points reflect the trends in the highly competitive and evolving world of Search Engine Optimization. It’s a good idea to focus on these changes to drive your business growth over the internet. For more details of changes happening in 2017, MOZ has an interesting article which is a must read.

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