13 SURE-SHOT ways to build a Profitable E-Commerce Website

//13 SURE-SHOT ways to build a Profitable E-Commerce Website

13 SURE-SHOT ways to build a Profitable E-Commerce Website

Appealing and Inspiring

Building an e-commerce shopping cart needs to focus on generating the right emotions and sentiments in the visitors. If the people landing on your website get excited and inspired by the look and feel of the website, you have won half the battle. A visually appealing website ensures that the visitors spend more time on the website, increasing their chance of becoming potential customers.

Keep it Short and Sweet

As a web designer, you must resist the temptation to overload the website with heaps of information. You should filter out what is utterly important to be displayed for your visitors and what information can be veiled, so that only those who are interested in digging deep may be able to get the information, after a few clicks.

Display the Best at Right Place

The showcasing of products on a shopping cart must be well-planned so that the users get hooked to what they are being shown and they stay in anticipation. It is always a good idea to highlight the best selling, discounted or flagship products at the most prominent location of your shopping cart.

Group of coupons

Simple and Easy to Navigate

Simplicity is another factor that is highly crucial to an e-commerce shopping cart since people have landed there not to appreciate one’s coding or design skills. They are there to buy! So, keep the cart as simple as possible. The right labels and directions must guide the shopper to the product she desires to buy in one or two clicks. Users must be able to feel at home in the shopping site within a few seconds of landing.

Hire an Expert Designer

An experienced designer specializing in building e-commerce shopping carts is one requirement that you should never compromise upon. It will be very beneficial if you first understand your expectations from the shopping cart website, identify the skills needed in the designer and then hire one who is an expert in that specific style of web designing. But, be sure to keep a check on your budget as well!

Building an E-Commerce Shopping Cart – Stress on Outstanding User Experience

Today’s users are smart but impatient. User Experience should be outstanding. A user must be able to feel the essence of the shopping site. Your e-commerce shopping cart must be able to catch their short-lived online attention with precise and pertinent content. The first few seconds are most critical. A spot-on UX can stop them from jumping off to another site.

Know your Customers Well (Demographically)

A successful e-commerce shopping cart is the one which promises and presents the products suitable for the people depending upon the demography to which they belong. The web designer must present information about the product through different media and educate the prospective customers about the products.

Narrate your Product Story

Stories are intriguing. Who doesn’t love to listen to an engaging narration? Make your e-commerce shopping cart a short and sweet story that nudges a feeling and stirs an emotion. This bonding can be the most fruitful thing for you since a story can convey a strong message and motivates a call-to-action.

Email Campaign to Reach Out

Plan and implement an extensive email campaign to convey what you want to say about your products at the time of building an e-commerce shopping cart.

Need for Speed

A slow loading website is hardly revisited. While building an e-commerce shopping cart ensures that you do everything to make your customers keep returning back. It should load quickly even if you are using high resolution images to showcase the products.

Recommend and Win

Implement recommendation system based on Machine Learning and Business Intelligence. Suggestions based on the user preferences are the best assistance you can provide to your customers.

Support your Customers 24X7

Application Support

A real time support team to tackle issues of customers is a great feature to take care of while building an e-commerce shopping cart. Support team must know the things they can be asked about and must converse with a friendly, informal and cooperative attitude.

Let them Pay Easily

The checkout system should be very intuitive, clear and well-defined. Along with the essential security features, users must be able to place the order without any hassles or complexity.

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