10 Fail-Proof SEO practices for 2018 that actually work

//10 Fail-Proof SEO practices for 2018 that actually work

10 Fail-Proof SEO practices for 2018 that actually work

As we all change with the fast paced world we live in, the websites that we make as our representatives in the web world also need to be updated as per the new trends in the modern fragment of their lifetime.

The Search Engine Optimization or as we all know it as SEO is an integral component of web development must be constantly updated with the changing users and search engine algorithm updates.

As the changes are made, it is necessary that all the online marketing teams are envisioned on the same.

In this context, we have researched and collect the facts to bring your focus on the SEO practices that must be adhered to in website SEO in the year 2018.

Search Engine Optimization has been a very hot topic ever since the internet became a major source of earning for a lot of people. Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, but no one knows the way to get there.

A lot of people search for an Affordable SEO Company so that they can get their website to show up on Google Searches.

Whether it is an affordable SEO company or a large firm with unaffordable SEO plans, there are a few things that they all have in common and here are the tips from the Search Engine Experts.

Structuring of content

content structure

Most of the search engines rely on the keywords and Meta Data of a website for ranking and all such stuff. Google search in addition to these two parameters also uses the structured data of a website to interpret the website content.

As a web developer it becomes your first priority to structure the content that you are presenting to your clients. To be on the safer side of SEO, structuring of data must be the foremost criteria to be aware of.

It can be done by introducing data snippets and other tools used for SEO. Moreover structured data will give a better user experience thus enhancing reliability and trust.

Whether you are a small startup or a big firm, the one thing you need to do to get ahead of your competition is to see what they do, or what the bigger firms do.

Doing a thorough research about them and then making a list of all the keywords they have used or are relevant to your firm is a way to make your content boost over the others.

Link Building

Link building has been recognised as an important aspect of best SEO practices in 2017 and it will continue to be so in the year round the corner. You cannot deny the role of high quality links leading to your website from domain authority sites.

So in 2018 expect more dependence on this factor, the newer dimensions and dynamics of interconnectivity of sites and SEO companies looking for methods to find quality backlinks.

The pages that link back to you, play a very important role in increasing your SEO score. It tells the search engine about the trust factor of your website and how many other websites are ready to trust your content as the source.

You could sign up for SEO tracking source or hire an affordable SEO company to find out how good or how bad, or how popular a page is doing with respect to being linked by other sources.

However, getting a lot of links does not mean good performance, links from high rated websites means high performance.

SERP and its role

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is the first page that is displayed once the user presses enter on her search engine. To make your website rank higher, it is highly essential to analyze this data.

The SERP features that need attention of a web developer are information rich snippets, paid results using keyword bidding, universal results in form of images and featured snippets, links, query results and knowledge infographs.

Year 2018 will expect web developers to tap these features of SERP to improve SEO of their websites.

Any firm big or small could do one thing besides hiring an affordable SEO company and that is to connect with the influencers to market their content or products.

However, this is direct marketing and increases your SEO score only because more people start visiting your site and not because it went up in the google rankings.

Speed of Website

User’s satisfaction dangles critically on the speed of the website and this is among the top best SEO practices for 2018. It should not lag and be efficient at the same time.

It must be able to load all the information and the related media at a considerable speed that doesn’t test the patience of the visitor. The user might lose interest once the website takes longer period of time to load.

In 2018 there are various techniques that will be preferred to help in this area.  Some of them that are of utmost importance are traversing and structuring of a website, the introduction of Content Delivery Network, Cloud Website Monitoring and Reduction of images and animations.

Mobility and User Experience on the go

Who doesn’t own a Smartphone these days? It is easy to navigate and use while travelling. The Smartphone is one gadget whose use is increasing day by day and people prefer to utilise their travelling time to do their urgent tasks.

The best part is that a large population is able to afford it due to decreasing hardware costs and competition.  The mobile friendliness is one of the key aspects of a website.

So, if you are still focusing on desktop and laptop based website, think again and increase reachability of your website by making it responsive, mobile friendly and fast to load. Such adaptability is an important factor in SEO trends.

In the ever-changing world you need to know what is doing good for you and what is not worth your time. Some free tools like the Google Analytics could provide in-depth performance charts and lead you in the right path and show you ways as to how you can change your website to draw more users.

2018 is the year when Google has started giving priority to Mobile version of a website instead of desktop.

Virtual Search Engines

These search engines use images as a search entity. Information to be searched may include web pages, documents and so on.

It is primarily used to identify and search information about unknown images. It is mostly used by mobile phone users. It should be efficient and trustworthy in handling complexities. It is a fully managed, configurable and hassle free search engine that is used now.

The web developers will have to check whether their websites are ready to handle the Virtual Search Engines.

High Quality Content

With content writing, image editing, animation creation, designing etc. as full-fledged professions, gone are the days when a web designer did all the tasks in web development.

In the world of website marketing, quality matters more than quantity. Quality can be achieved by hiring competent professionals so that the uniqueness and superb quality of a website’s content brings it top of the search result pages.

Quality of content will remain an important parameter to impact best SEO practices in 2018.

Using keywords randomly or just stuffing your content with keywords no longer does the trick. The Google Search Algorithm has changed with the ever-increasing number of websites and web pages.

  • Title
  • H1, H2, etc. headers and tags
  • URL extension
  • Meta Description

Choosing the right keywords is important. To compete with the big giants, you need to choose the keywords they do and tell Google that your content is relevant to these websites or these viewers.

Nowadays, it is getting very common for SEO Professionals to target long tail keywords as those are easy to rank and fetch results in quick time.

However, you need to do a lot of research before choosing a long tail keyword for a successful SEO campaign.

Voice based search and Digital Assistants

With the increased use of mobile gadgets the websites need enhancement so that they can serve a variety of people even those with some locomotive disorders.

If your website is voice based search enabled and offers digital assistant to the visitors it is one of the best way to have better SEO. Search engines are giving advantage to such websites since users feel more comfortable in giving verbal instructions and getting audible response.

Look forward to an increase in number of website with these two features.

User experience

Among the best SEO practices, User Experience will remain the topmost priority of all the Web developers. It is the user experience that defines the success of a website and most of the search engines consider this an important factor in ranking criteria.

The year 2018 will be a witness to correlate SEO with better user experience with latest web design trends like card-based design, parallex scrolling, one page sites, infinite scrolling etc.

AI and Machine Learning

The search engines across the world are tapping the endless possibilities of AI and Machine Learning. RankBrain of Google is a clear indication of where the trend is directed to.

SEO involves a lot of analysis and regression of the data presented by countless websites across the digital space.

Robust and efficient algorithms can be created with the help of these two core areas of computer science. Their impact on big data analytics and business has shown tremendous success. It will just be another year to see their impact on SEO as well.


With so many websites coming up every single day, and the internet running out of common titled domains, 2018 is not going to be an easy year.

Though there are hundreds of SEO Tips and Tricks out there in the market, at the end of the day, you need to hire some professional and affordable SEO company which can design the right strategy for you going forward this year.

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