Support Services Terms and Conditions

The stated Terms and Conditions (The “Terms”) constitute a legal and obligeable contract between us and for the use of the support services (The “Services”) of which you have selected or initiated on our website or purchased through a vendor. The Terms by Reference encompass the policy and material referred to in the terms. Before clicking on the “I Accept” or “I Agree” button or as a sign of indicating your assent to continue the use of services, please read the stated terms carefully.

These terms are mere important requisites that govern your use of our website and our support service and your relationship with us. You are requested to read the following carefully as they contain important information and instructions such as How long it lasts, Fees for early termination, our rights to change its conditions, limitations of liability, privacy and settlement of disputes by arbitration instead of in court. In view of you accepting this agreement, it will by default be applicable to all your service plans from us, covering the existing plans too. Your acceptance to these Terms & Conditions will be implied by the use of our website and services.

In case of non-acceptance to these T & C, we are unwilling to provide its service to you. For making such a choice you should 1. Click the “Cancel” or other similar button, or otherwise indicate your refusal 2. Not to use the services and seek a refund during the 30 day Redemption period as indicated below.


Important Notice: Limited Redemption Period and Refund Rights:

Its within 30 calendar days (Redemption) from the date of purchase, you should refund as per the Right to Refund for “Per Incident plan”, else it will result in expiry. If you are in a position to prove that we haven’t provided the single incident paid for the service to your satisfaction, we will refund you the money paid for the services (Less shipping, Handling and any applicable taxes, except in certain states and countries where shipping, handling and taxes are refundable) upon the receipt of Refund Request received by us or our customer service during the redemption period, using the contact details described in Section 8 of the terms.

If you have purchased Subscription service, and in case of its cancellation CODEDB.NET will refund you the money paid for the subscription services (Less shipping, Handling and any applicable taxes, except in certain states and countries where shipping, handling and taxes are refundable) on condition that you have not availed any support service on your PC or other device and that your receipt of refund request should have been received by our customer service within Five (5) days from the date of subscription of that service.



Certain terms explained in the terms and conditions are also used in the privacy policy and are encompassed by reference to these Terms and Conditions.


Content refers to the software, material, services and other collective information.

“You” or “you”

“You” means individual representation like person or any employer on behalf of whom you are acting.


Contact Address needed in this case


Our certified Technician/(s) refers to those certified technicians certified by us to serve under this agreement.



“Per Incident plans” or “Incident plans” or “Single Incident Service” are tenure less service with the prime objective of redressing a single specific technical problem faced by you.


“Subscription Based Services” or “Subscription Services” are fixed subscription plans offered by us for a fixed tenure, excluding any incident plans such as “Per Incident plans” or likewise.


Our Website Info regarding website to be shared


References to us implies the services of our company availed through our certified technician, under the plan you enter into with us through the use of our website or through calling our phone number mentioned in the website. All the plans mentioned in our website are governed by these Terms of Use.



Materials refers to webcasts, white papers, download areas, press releases, data sheets, FAQs, Product Information, quick reference guides, and other published works that are available in website and are open for download from our website are copyrighted work of us and/or our suppliers. The definition of “Materials” shouldn’t be misinterpreted to that of the design layout of our website or any other of our owned, operated or other controlled website.



“Software” refers to a computer program of any kind owned by Our or other third parties, irrespective of the medium of download or other delivery method, including client and/or network security software. The contents of the software are copyright protected, trade secret protected, unfair competition protected and other law protected. Software comprises of both our and third parties too. Your use of the software is bound by the license agreement or user agreement that comes along with it or as included in the ordering documents, exhibits and other terms and conditions that apply.



1.1   Services Overview 

Services cover any Pre Incident Services that comes on a single incident basis for a particular fee or Subscription Based Services, which are bestowed with more than one service over a period of time. We will offer the services as stated in Terms and Conditions. Our service experts will attempt to provide services through telephone, through live chat sessions, remotely over internet, by email or in person. We strive to perfect our services and focus on usability and performance on all its products and services. To enhance the service level, to the extent permitted by applicable law, we might at our discretion modify or update the features of services over the period of time. However this impact will never be felt in the quality of existing service as agreed by us.

2.   Support Software Tool and Remote Access

In course of the service session we may request a. install   certain support software on your personal computer by downloading  it form the site or (b). seeking your permission to access your system remotely, enabling our technician to take control of your personal computer or (c). to collect the data in system and modify the settings to diagnose the problem. (d). to implement third party software on your computer, which will be removed upon the completion. The support software and remote assist tools are by maximum owned by third party licensors or us and may be collectively called as “Support Software Tools” in Terms and Conditions. The results of the support software tools will be used to analyse, diagnose, to resolve difficult problems and to enhance the performance of the system. By giving your nod to receive support, you give rights to us in deploying support software tools that facilitate the repair of your personal computer through remote access.

You understand that when remote access is used on your computer, you won’t be able to find the residual software from the remote session; You also confirm your ability to disconnect the remote access anytime during its session. You also understand that you will be able to find a XML or flash file on your computer with explanation provided on the work done so far on your computer and/or provide information for contacting CODEDB.NET for further assistance in future. When you come across such a file, you are provided with an option to save or delete it.

We are not obliged to monitor or record the services that comprises of telephone calls and online sessions, on the grounds of improving the customer service, internal training and internal market research. You hereby grant us the permission to record and monitor the services of its representatives and to disclose any information as necessary or in satisfying any law or other stipulated regulations. You bestow us with the right to combine your information with that of others in a way that it doesn’t let know your identity or any other individual for that matter, to improve the services, for training, marketing and other business related purposes.

3.   Description of Services

(i)We will offer the services only when you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Our representative will check for spyware or virus and remove it if found on your personal computer. Our representative will help you to install certain software products, and antivirus software applications and will optimize your computer’s performance. Our representative will analyse the results of the diagnosis and recommend the remedial steps to be undertaken to resolve the issues. Our representative will fine tune the operating system to improve its performance and will help address PC, network, connected peripheral and device issues.

(ii)Some personal computers won’t be in a position to receive services, if the results of the initial testing shows that your connection was qualified or your computer’s environment was suitable. Such cases require high speed internet connection to receive the services.

1.2   Commercially Reasonable Effort

(i)We are committed undertaking all commercial efforts to fix Your personal computer problem, through troubleshooting. In case of our inability to fix resolve Your computer problem, You are not liable to for the charges for time spent by our representative towards correcting the issue unless specified otherwise.

(ii)During the course of service, if we found the issue to be beyond its scope of handling, then we  may take some reasonable efforts in referring  Your issue to the appropriate alternate resource. However we will not directly transfer You to the alternate resource. As permitted by law, we have the right to refuse, suspend or terminate the services on its sole discretion.

Services Availability

(i)There are possibilities that the services may not be available to the following reasons (a).Due to difference in Time zone or geographic location (b). Due to on-going system maintenance or poor internet connections.  As stated during the purchase of subscription service, Your computer(s) must be virus-free, in order to be eligible for its purchase. If we found Your computer to be infested by virus, we may request You to purchase a clean computer prior to obtaining subscription services.

(ii)We are entitled to terminate Your subscription service upon proper notification, in its sole business judgement, when we find Your subscription service is being used (a) fraudulently, (b) maliciously, (c) unreasonably, (d) by any other person other than You, or (e) for any other computer system apart from the registered system. In the event of Your subscription service being terminated by us, we will refund a pro rata portion of the prepaid fees you have paid for availing subscription service. Subscription service may be subject to additional requirements, restrictions and limitations depending on the subscription level. For information on those restrictions, please refer the site.


2. Your Responsibilities
2.1 Basic Responsibilities

You agree to the point that, You are the legal licence holder of the software on Your personal computer and Your use of the services and internet is solely at your own risk. By intending to utilize the services, You confirm that You (a) possess full access to Your hardware and software that forms the basis of the problem, and (b) have taken a complete back-up onto separate folder for any software or data that may be impacted by the services. You must ensure the accuracy of information provided with us.

2.2 Liability Release

To the permissible extent of the applicable law, we will not be liable for loss of recovery of data and programs. If we work in a password protected controlled environment, You are requested to reset the password immediately upon the completion of service.

2.3 Transfer

The subscription based services can be transferred from one computer to another, only once within the subscription period, provided it is owned by You.

2.4 Data Back Up

We are not responsible for providing Data Back Up or restoration services. You are the sole authority for maintaining and backing up all information. You acknowledge  that CODEDB.NET or neither its referral partners are liable for data loss under any circumstances.

3.   Service Plans- Refund- Billing- Payment Renewals
3.1 Per-Incident-Services

The Per-Incident-Services will be provided on a single” issue or problem in one time basis. The service will cover fixing up “one single” issue or problem in Your personal computer and You are entitled for follow-up consultation if we receive the request form your side within seven (7) days.

3.2 Subscription Services

The fee for Subscription service depends on the type of subscription service purchased and its duration. One time subscription fee is applicable for all types of subscription services excepting the trial pack.

3.3 Exclusion from Services
“Services” shall not include the following

  1. Any item or activity uncovered by the terms of a per-incident-services or subscription-based-services.
  2. Service that falls beyond the duration limit as specified in services plan
  3. Problem diagnosis and support thatare uncompleted due to impediments in Your computer or other equipment.
  4. Softwares like operating system and others attached to Your hardware, which are out of the scope for service plan.
  5. Problem bound to arise out of

a.  External causes like accident, abuse, electrical power or other problems.

b.  Improper product usage contrary to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

c.   Failing to adopt the product instructions

d.  Problems caused by using non-compatible products with the computer

e.  Non-compliance with our expert instruction for resolving the query.

f.   Malfunction of hardware.


3.4 Refund

Refund depends on the amount paid by You.


3.5 Payment for the services

The applicable fees for the services may be quoted through telephone or can be found on the website. For the purchases of services made from us through site (1) You agree that CODEDB.NET may charge through credit or other sources the amount You owe to us for the services. (2) Payments should be made at the time of purchase prior to receiving services. (3). You agree that we may collect interest lesser of 1.5% on non-payment of due. (4) You agree that we are not entitled to provide service when payment is not cleared.

3.6 Credit Card Billing

You are requested to provide Your credit card number to us for the activation of service. You authorize the issuer of the credit card pay any amounts described by us without requiring a signed receipt, and You authorize the credit issuer to accept the received payment authorization without a signed receipt. In the event of you enrolling or later enrolling in automatic payment or electronic funds transfer plan, You agree that the sum described can be charged by us from the new plan.


3.7 Renewal Policy

By granting authority to us to charge Your credit card, You hereby authorize us for automatic fee deduction for Recurring subscription service including renewals.


3.8 Fair Usage Policy and Termination

Though we don’t have a cap on the number of online support requests for subscription based plan, each user is governed by our “fair use” policy. Under this policy, we at our sole discretion possess the right to terminate the service, if a subscription based plan user exceeds the level of usage expected from someone using a subscription based plan.


4.Privacy and Data Protection

The “Privacy policy” that appear on our website applies to the purchase of services too. You do agree to the point that beyond the personal information as identified in the privacy policy any data or information disclosed through telephone is not confidential or proprietary to you.


5.Unlawful and Non-Commercial Use Limitation
5.1. Personal and Non-Commercial Use Limitation

The services, materials and software are meant solely for Your personal and non-commercial use. You are not supposed to modify, publish, transmit or sell on any information from the services obtained under any service plan.

5.2. Unlawful or Prohibited Use

As part of laid down condition regarding the use of our website, You are not supposed to share the materials, software or services that is deemed to be unlawful or prohibited by the specified terms of Use. You may not attempt to gain access to our server, materials, software or services through hacking, password mining or through other means.